Top-3 Tips The Bookies Don’t Want You To Know

Gambling is a popular but risky way to spend your free time or try to make money online. Sports betting can make supporting your favorite team much more interesting and even give you the chance to earn money doing it.

But how to make the right bets? How to win the sweepstakes?

The key is to find bets that are worth betting on. Is it because of the coefficient, because of the right market (game, more – less, etc.) or because of the time when you make the bet. By following these 10 tips, you will learn how to make “valuable” bets and thus beat the bookmakers.

You need to know your sport

know your sport

Knowing a sports team is not just about the results of their last six games, but analyzing their performance throughout the season, both offensively and defensively. Did they get lucky last game or did they really play well? The best football statistics are provided by WhoScored and GoalProfits

Ostapenko played 6 matches in 7 days in 30 degree heat last week, will she have recovered this week? Porzingis has a new girlfriend, will it affect his game?

You need to know even such, as it were, details to stay up to date on the performance of a player or team. This will help you make smart and reasonable sports bets.

The favorite does not always win

This point might make a lot of sense, but many bookmakers often place bets only because of the low odds that promise a high probability of winning. Especially in combined bets, I will combine 5 bets with a coefficient of 1.2 and I will definitely win! Have you done so?

What are some examples? There are many examples! Especially in individual sports. Do Nadal and Djokovic never lose? How many matches was Ostapenko the underdog on her way to her French Open title? The Knicks have already lost to the Bulls 3 times this season, even though they should have won all three in theory.

Place your bets at several bookmakers

bets at several bookmakers

In the betting business, everyone tries to keep their existing customers. Each company will try to attract you with various attractive offers so that you place your bets only with them.

These offers range from customer loyalty programs, free bets, new player bonuses, repeat bookie bonuses and even free drinks if you place bets in the bookie sports bar.

Totalizator Optibet offers a risk-free bet of 60 EUR for new customers.

But you should focus on the best odds, not the best offers, because if you bet on larger amounts, then better odds will mean more profit. Odds can be compared on sites like OddsChecker and FlashScore

The best coefficients in Latvia are offered by totalizator. At least that is the main weapon of their marketing, but you can see for yourself.



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