How to win in Totalizator?

The less you bet, the better

This point might also seem self-evident to everyone, but totalizator gamblers also make a lot of ill-considered bets. Sometimes these bets are made in anger, after losses, which of course lead to even bigger losses.

When making combined bets in the totalizer, you should not get carried away with attaching many “low odds” to the original bet. It is better to place a bet only on one sporting event that you are sure of and have researched this bet.

If you play sweepstakes to earn money, you have to think logically. Single bet with proper research or combined bet on 2-4 events. If you find yourself placing a combined bet on 20 sporting events, then you should reconsider what you are doing!

By the way, bookmakers have the biggest losses from regular bets on one sports event. This is because it is safer for people to bet larger amounts on a single event, but on combination bets you usually hope for a lot of luck, which is very rare.

Avoid raising the stakes with “must haves”

Avoid raising the stakes

As mentioned earlier, many betting players believe that bets with coefficients from 1.05 – 1.30 are almost 100% guaranteed, so they can always be attached to another bet.

Very often this is done with tennis bets. In the first week of a Grand Slam, very often good players are paired with unknown players. Why not bet on all the good players and make some easy money?

You would not succeed for two reasons: tennis offers quite inadequate prices on favorites, combining the wins of all the favorites will not give you a good coefficient either. If you could get odds of 3 by betting on 8 games, then that would be good, but for you to win this bet, 8 events would have to happen, which is unlikely.

Place sweepstakes bets on less popular markets

Place sweepstakes bets

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll definitely be able to figure out more about betting on the winner of the match or the number of goals scored. If you look at what markets are available in this game, you may find how to implement your intended game plan by betting on better odds.

For example, in the “El Classico” Barcelona – Real Madrid duel, it is usually very difficult to predict the winner, but everyone knows that goals are expected from Messi and Ronaldo. Maybe it’s worth betting that Messi will score in this game?

Familiarize yourself with the rules of each sweepstakes

When taking the first steps in foreign totalizator markets, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of these markets.

It’s hard to confuse the bookie with the bets it offers. For example “half / game” and “will win both halves”. If you place a bet on “half / game”, then the team must win the half and win the game (can be 1-0 if the goal is scored in the 1st half). But if you place a bet on “to win both halves”, then each half must be won by at least 1-0 and 1-0 (so the lowest result can be 2-0).



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